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Personal Safety Success Training (people with an intellectual disability) - Training & vocational educa
Suite 1, 144 Lime Avenue, MILDURA 3502 VIC
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Voice/ Land Line:(03) 5025 5400
Fax:(03) 5025 5432
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(Conditional) Schools, community agencies/organisations, specialist schools and general community.
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There is no waiting list for this service.
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Mildura (RC) , Swan Hill (RC)
Weekday 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

About this service:
(A recipient of an Australia Violence Prevention Award – 1994) This training is offered as a preventative measure against abuse to: people with an intellectual disability Protective Behaviour Philosophy is 'We all have the right to feel safe all of the time' and 'Nothing is so awful that we can't talk with someone about it'. PEOPLE WITH AN INTELLECTUAL DISABILITY A decade of research into the prevalence of sexual assault of people coping with disabilities has brought to our attention the fact that people with disabilities are more vulnerable to abuse. The aim of the 'PSST' Personal Safety Success Training Kit for People with Disabilities is to address this statistic by providing protective strategies in a concrete way. This helps to address body signs of feeling unsafe; ways to say 'NO', developing a network of people to go to when you feel unsafe and the process of 'telling' someone to keep safe. The Training is offered to people with an intellectual disability of any age. The materials contained within the program have been adapted from the concept developed in the Personal Safety Success PSST Training Pre-School Program. The Program builds on knowledge of safety issues regarding: -- Feelings -- Home Safety Privacy -- Out & About -- Relationships -- Friendships -- Tricks & Bribes Fees $150.00 each per program order. Area Serviced Northern/Southern Mallee and boarder communities of NSW. Aims To provide protective behaviours education to people of all ages, with an intellectual disability, as a preventative measure against sexual abuse.
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