Mallee Accommodation & Support Program (MASP)
Intensive Case Management Service (ICMS) - Placement Protection
140 Langtree Avenue, MILDURA 3500 VIC
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Voice/ Land Line:(03) 5021 6500
Fax:(03) 5021 4006
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No Fee
Assessed on an individual basis. Referral made through Department of Human Services, Child Protection Unit
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There are no waiting lists for this service.
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Mildura (RC)
Weekday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

About this service:
The Intensive Case Management Service is a targeted service response to a specific group of highly vulnerable, at 'risk' young people. The initiative will operate on the principles of reducing high-risk behaviour in the context of the High Risk Management Plan, increasing the stability in the young person's life and providing continuity of care, including relationships building. The service aims to allow for intensity of contact, flexibility and responsiveness to the needs of the respective young person. Therefore, the service will only cater for a small caseload of up to six young people at any one time. Access to the package of services available will be determined by whether the young person is likely to be, or has been listed on the Care & Protection High Risk Schedule and meets the following criteria: A current client of the Child Protection Service, and generally on a Guardianship or Custody Order, although status should not be a sole determinant for inclusion in the target group. The presence of a corrective order will not exclude a young person from accessing the program. The service will cater for young people considered to be at High Risk due to their behaviour or other factors that have lead to their involvement with the Department of Human Services, Child Protection or Juvenile Justice Units. However, when the caseload allows, the service will also accept referrals to assist young people in a preventive way to lessen the risk of them becoming involved with the Statutory Protective and Corrective systems. Aged between 12 and 18 years old; Present with multiple and complex behavioural and/or emotional difficulties including: • Challenging behaviour at home • Substance abuse • Suicidal tendencies • Aggression • Chronic absconding • Prostitution • Association with paedophiles • Emerging or diagnosed psychiatric or psychological disorder • Sexual offending • Estranged or non-existent relationships within their family; • Require long term care and substantial support to meet their needs of care and protection.
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