Mallee Accommodation & Support Program (MASP)
MASP Out Of Home Care (OOHC) Program - Residential/ out of home care
140 Langtree Avenue, MILDURA 3500 VIC
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Voice/ Land Line:(03) 5021 6500
Fax:(03) 5021 4006
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Assessed on an individual basis. Referral through Department of Human Services, Child Protection Unit
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There are no waiting lists for this service.
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Mildura (RC)
Weekday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

About this service:
What is the program about? The MASP OOHC program works to provide safe and supportive care for young people aged up to 17 years who are unable to live with their own family for a period of time. Where possible, the aim of the program is for family reunification. However, for the children and young people who cannot return to their families, the program will assist them to make the transition either into permanent care or into independent living arrangements. Why do the young people need an Out of Home Placement? The young people who require an Out of Home Placement are: -- Those who are in crisis as a result of family breakdown -- Need protection from neglect or abusive situations -- Young people who are homeless and require accommodation, support and/or supervision whilst on bail, safe custody or other Statutory Court Orders which avoids unnecessary placements in custody. How long can a young person be in an Out of Home Placement? Placements of children and young people can vary from one day to a number of years depending on the circumstances. What accommodation options does the program have available? The MASP OOHC program has two components to cater for the various accommodation and support needs of young people. – Home Based Care -- This model of care is a model of support in a naturally occurring household in the community. Children and young people are placed with trained 'caregivers' in their own households. The caregivers will provide board and lodging in a caring and supportive environment with 24 hour support from the agency Placement & Support workers. These staff provide both practical support (e.g. supervising family access visits, providing transport to services) and general support to clients, their families and the caregivers within the Home Based Care service. – Residential Care -- Provides 24 hour support to young people displaying a range of 'High Risk' behaviours, such behaviours include drug and alcohol abuse, suicide attempts or suicide ideation, self-harming, general defiance, school refusal and sexually promiscuous behaviours. This model of placement is intensive in nature, so the presenting issues can be identified and the appropriate services can be introduced to assist in reducing the risk taking behaviour. How are young people referred to the program? The young people requiring services through the MASP OOHC program must be referred through the Victorian Department of Human Services’ Child Protection Unit. How do I become a caregiver with the program? Critical to the success of the Home Based Care Program are the people and families who volunteer their time and experience to become caregivers. Caregivers are offered ongoing support and a tax-free reimbursement to provide care. Those interested in becoming carers should contact MASP. Applicants will be screened and will undergo a training program before being approved by a Panel of child protection professionals.
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